My Story

My paintings celebrate our human spirit.

I build and inspire joy and strength in people’s lives that comes with acknowledging the beauty of their true selves. When you allow your true self to speak to the world your connections with others are strong and meaningful.

As humans we often forget to take the time to find our joy. We spend time with people but we are still suffering from loneliness.  Be brave and bare your soul. Let your most powerful and vulnerable self be known.  Connect and know the exquisite essence of another.

I want my images to stir your soul; see the beauty in a face, wonder what truth lies behind the presence we show the world. Is there a trace of you in a brush stroke? A thread of connection in the colour? If it whispers to you then you will find your essence.

I have numerous paintings for sale and if one of them speaks to you please contact me for more information. 

I live and work in Victoria, BC.  Although my educational and work background is business related I have always pursued a creative outlet. In the past I have worked with clay, wool and glass but for the last 10 years I have focused on painting with acrylics.

I’m a member of Zebra Art Collective, a group of 20. Zebra supports a strong and supportive painting environment. I am also a member of Gage Gallery on Oak Bay Avenue in Victoria and Saanich Peninsula Arts and Crafts Association. I have taken many painting workshops and courses with  MISSA, Vancouver Island School of Art, Arts Centre at Cedar Hill, Robert Burridge, Nicolas Pierce, Alison Watt, Deborah Tilby, Nick Bantock, Michelle Miller, and others.

I continue to develop my creative voice and master techniques through continuing education and practice. I enjoy both working alone and in a group. Working in a group provides encouragement and thoughtful processes and inspires me to experiment with new styles and subject matter. Working alone frees me to paint from within.  I generally work with acrylic on canvas or cradle board, and sometimes add texture with collage materials. My materials are archival.